Walking Tours

From Torre Piazza to the castle ruins

The hamlet of Torre Piazza stands on the hill which overlooks Torre Piano. From the main square of the hamlet, you can enjoy a very pleasant walk that will lead you to the top of the hill through a pine grove and the renowned botanical park. The park covers an area of 5,000 square metres and the entrance is free. It is provided with information plaques about the varieties of trees and plants, panoramic viewpoints and picnic areas. You can also admire the ruins of the walls of an ancient castle dating backto the 15th century and the civic tower that is the symbol of our village.

From Torre Piazza to the chapel Madonna del Pilone

From the hamlet of Piazza, just above the Church of the Assumption, you can take a small by-way which goes through the green chestnut woods. This is the old way which used to connect Piazza to Roatta, and it offers a nice quarter of an hour walk that takes you to the road crossing the hamlet of Roatta (Don Luigi Gasco street).

Along the road you come to a crossroads, whose road on the left leads to the sport field and to the hamlet of Tetti Casotto, while if you walk straight on, you will be able to reach the Madonna del Pilone chapel. You cross the square in Roatta with the beautiful baroque church of St. Luigi and Carlo, which was built between 1844 and 1851 and boasts an 18th century organ. Follow the road past the square,

century organ. Follow the road past the square, that takes to Pamparato along which you’ll be able to catch wonderful glimpses of the valleys of the streams Roburentello and Corsaglia. The road goes uphill with different slopes which can be easily walked on foot, and it crosses various groups of houses until it reaches the chapel (821m high) and the village of Serra Pamparato.

The chapel stands on a natural platform from where you can have a stunning view of Mount Monviso. It was built with various reconstructions around an ancient votive pillar which was then surrounded by the apsis of the chapel and presents a fresco of the Virgin of Vico painted in the 17th century.

From Torre Piano to Vicoforte via Moline

If you go past the chapel of S. Gottardo and walk along the old paper mill, which is still in function today, you come to a crossroads: turn right towards Moline into a road which goes along the small valley of the Corsaglia stream. When you come to the small village of Moline, walk through it and follow the main road which goes slightly uphill through a thick wood. On your left you will find the small hamlet of Martini, which takes its name after the chapel of San Martino. Walking further on you will find the farmhouse of Santo Stefano with the ruins of the ancient Benedictine abbey which was consecrated to Saint Stephen.

When out of the wood, you will be on the crest of the hill from where you can enjoy a wide and amazing view over the hills of Vicoforte and Mondovì Piazza. If you follow the road going downhill, you will reach the Sanctuary of Vicoforte.