Presepe vivente (live performance of the Nativity)

The tradition of the Living Nativity is young in our town, but thanks to the efforts of the organizers, it has grown quickly; it is now appreciated by our citizens and it attracts curious neighbours and visitors from the surrounding area. It was organized for the first time in the hamlet of Roatta in 2010 and it consisted of a brief performance of the nativity on Christmas Eve. The second edition was held in the more suitable frame of the town centre, in Torre Piano. More people were involved in the performance and more roles were added, for example old-time professions, thanks to the fact that there were more locations to employ and that the organizers could prepare a route to follow along the street of the Battagliera. As a result, they succeeded in creating an appealing and evocative atmosphere for the ceremony. Since then the performance has been followed by a growing audience and a relatively young event seems now bound to become an integral part of the traditions of our village.